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3 ten years ago today... d-c snipers... john allen muhaamad and lee boyd malvo... chose their first victim.the shooting spree would go on to region and killing 10 innocent . years... malvo is now speaking out.megan gilliland is here with mmre on what he would like to say to the familles of his victims. good morning guys,convicted d-c sniper... lee boyd &pmallo... says he's a differen person noww.. not the same teenager whooterrorized our month.heewent on to tell the washington post ttat he's
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ttrly sorry for the shooting ssree that left 10 people dead. he ays he remembers each f the 13 sniper shootings in would sayydireetly to the replied... forget about me. malvo audio::i'm soory (0:39): i'm sorrr i murdered your only - your wife. what do i tell the child who was waiting for his father to comm home and dad never showed up? malvo... now 27 years old... is serving a life sentence.his partner... muuammad was executed in 2009.malvo has piined muuh of the terror on hii... saying muhammad had there wws one particular inciddnt though where alvo says he defiee muhhmmad.the washington ppst reports that muhammad told mallv to kill a pregnant woman, but he 13 other iinocent people.i'm ot news. gglliland, fox45 morning maryland's debb limit is
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increased by 150-million dollars... to 925 million dollars... for the next fiscal year.a state panel voted 4 to 1, yesterday.goveenor o'malley's budget secretary says the increase will boost jobs and enable the state to comptroller peter ranchot vote against the inccease... questionn about the economy to 3imit. 3 the november elections are quickly approaching...and maryland voters have some big decisionssto make.according to a recent balttmore sun &psay they'd support the dream &pact, while 41-percent opposs ii.the numbers are close and the split is within the maagin oo error. eeror.when it cooes to same-sex advantage.49-percent of the t -
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voters polled saii they are in planninn to vote against it. a voter watchdog group says maryland."election integrity &pmaryland" says its foundtwo pases where people who registered to vvte are using the names offpeoplewho died. they say...many others who died...have not had their names removed from the voter rolls. the group says othhrss who are living...have registtred to vote twice in two different states. (kelleher) "and for every time one vote that's frauddlent gets cast, it's eeasing my vote which is a legitiiate vote and i don't think the ciiizens oo maryland should tolerate that." ttat."(mcdonough) we need an office offvoting integrity general in charge of it and a better reporting systtm." system."state eleccions officials deny any voter fraud. but they say if allegations of irregularities come to light...they aae forwarded to thestate prooeutors office. new accusations today... that the justice
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department is spying on aalot according to the american civil llberties ccsey stegall explains... orddrs for warrantless elephone surveillance are on the rise... in a very big way. way. thh d-o-j, defending the suuveillance, saying a federal judge authorized all pnstances cited in the &pp-c-l-u's repoot....alling this type of surveillance "essential" for federal law enffrcement officers..hyrons: :08-:16 chris soghoian / aclu:08-:16 chris chyrons:officers. enffrcement federal law "essential" for surveillance this type of report...calling in the a-c-l-u's all iistances cited n the a-c-l-u's report...calling in the a-c-l-u's repoot...callinn this type of "esseetial" for pedeeal law enforcement &pofficcrs.chyrons:::8-:16 chris soghoian / aclu stegall / fox news -------------------------------- -------------------------------- freedom of information request, hands the ameeican civil liberties union long sought-after surveillance of see a sharp uptick in the use of these surveillence powers, and frankly, ittmakes me scared." the a-c-l-u inding from 2009 to 20-11, orders for -- 60-percent.during thaa same period... orders for surveillance on eeails and network data...increased 361- percent.the a-c-l-u says the áeye-poppingg increase in áwithoutá warrants... and without enough oversiggt orr accountability.soghoian says: "this iss't about terrorism. these are regular law enforcement investigations,
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and this - this is iivestigating people's communications. these are who conversations with, their il, 3 friends, their family, their polleagues, their loved ooes." this kind of surveillance doesn't involve monitoring thh content of conversations. meaning, the government is keeping track of áwhoá is talking...but ot whht they're provide any information thee - provequired by law between 2000 andd2008.(stegall on cam tag) in tte past, a device had to pe attached to the phooe to gee this kind of data... but noo ii ccn be done easily through a phoneecompany's call- stegall - fox news. the american ed cross off maryland is facing a major shortage of volunteers. is it omethinn you can handle? handle? joel d. smith is live in northwest baltimore goiig through some of the training right now.good morning joel d. how many volunteers do they need?
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need? 3
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3 3 &p a breakthrough procedure at johns hopkins...doctors there
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ánew ará... using her own - cartilage.we warn you... some of these pictures are graphic graphicsheri walter had cancer on her ear.and becauseeof that... it had to be removed... along with parttof cartilage from her ribs... and they shaped it into an ear. then they took that cartilage and placed it under her forearm.about 4-months later... thhy took the ear out of hhr arm and placed it on her head. this is stilllnot the final still needs to be caaved to looo more natural.but as of now... customers of "spirrt aarlines" will soon haav to pay up... for carrr-on baggage. baggage.starttng nnxt month... the carrier will chargeea 1- hundred-dolllr fee ii fliers need to check bags at tte ate. the airline saas the fee is intentionally high.. to until he last minute.spirit charges foo all bags that do not fit underneatt a seat. fliees checking bags in advance... can pay aa little
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20-dollars a bag. more vehicle recalll todaa as honda announced its popular accorr has a potential firr risk.the recall involves more than 5000thousandd accords... v-6 modellyeeas 2003- 007. honda says power steering hosss could leak and cause a fire ii the enginn.hondaa deelers will fii the problem for free.. the only catch....replaceeent parts will not be availabbee ntil early nexttyear. edition... the presidential candidaaes prepare to square of. off.why preeiddnt obama and mitt romney are both trying to lower expectations aheaddoo pebate.
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3 map fiber map 395 map quarantine
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3 3 3 3 3 coming up... president obaaa pnd mitt romney get ready for rouud one. one.the one thiig political analysts seem to agree on...heading into tomorrow's &pdebate. ((bumm out)) 3
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both candidates are busy of three presidential debates. - with the electionnbarrey a month away, that llaves little athena jones reports ... it ... especially with ooe debate . misssep. --reporter pkg-as follows -- both the obama and romney to lower expectatioos ahead t expected all along that governor romney will have a good night. he is prepared more than any ccndidate in history.""president obama is a very ---he's a very gifted speaker. the man's been on the national tage for many years, e's an experienced debater. he's done these kinds of debates before. this is mitt's stage."ryan's words echoed a was "widely regarddddas one of - the most talented political
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history."myers even pointed to a cnn-orc poll showing a 25-point advantage for obama on who voteessthink will win the debates.the obama camp pressdent hasn't had as much time to prepare for the debates, because he's busy being ccmmander in chief.when it comes to just how much "most oftenn ebates donnt make that big a difference. very few candddates eeer win an election with a debate, but quite a few have loss an election with a debate, so ii caa matter."these matchups can proouce some memorable lines... like in 1980 -- between then president jimmy "thhre you go again.." and lloyd beensen'' swipe at ffllow senator dan quaale in 1998..."senator, i served with jack kknnedy, i knew jaak kennedy, jack kennedy was a frienn of minn. senator, you're no jack kennedy. and then there are the moments ttat seemed to say more ... like president george h-w bush
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debate with bill clinton...992 3 texaa govvenoo rick perry's "ooos" remark..."rick, i tell you what ..."romney's high- dollar ager..."10-thousand dollar bet?"and obama's comment to then rival hillary clinton in 2008..."you''e likable enough, ttugh competing goals. to be - likeable anddto lay out a contrast. ittssharddto be likeable when you're the attack dog.""we've gotten to know barack obama. we've seem im as presidenttfour eers. there'ssnot a lot of room left romney, he'ssstill got aamittt - canvas. he can still show us whoohe issand where he'd lead us." "the president spends the first part of the week ii the battleggound state of nevada whereehe'll be doing debate prep with massachusetts senator john kerry, who's romney will be in cooorado, r he'll be practicing with ohio senator rob portman who ii
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playing president obaaa. athena jooes, cnn, washington. the university of denver iss hosting the debate, tomorrow. it begins at 9 o'clock. coming up in our 6 o'clock hhur... a glitch with the i-phhne 5 gives users a nasty surpriis. the ddta usage issue that's giving customers cause ffr conc. concern.aad... the oriolle deeense lets them down.see if they could overcome a big error by one of their star players.. nexttin sportss ((break 3))aú krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven...
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will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. 3 3
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tickets gg on sale today t noon for a possible tiebreakkr game on thursday at camden purchase tickets.. go dot com slash morning.ltimore - at his time of the year, pbatimore ports fans have usually traded in heir orange gear in favor of purple...but things are ddfferent this fall. are oving quute a bit of orioles gear...leaving the team to duke it out wiih the ravens for the most sales. ptems are selling out fast right now sinne the teammiss heaaed to theeplayoffs.the &pmanager of the sports shop at harborplace says his sales have doubled. (nate)"the manny machado teeshirtt. theree a lot off adam jones.. jj haady tee shirt.. we have ome crew only)(nate)"theefans are ust going nuts right noww" now."(nate)"the fans are just
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(voice only)the new oriole bird hat."(voice only) (nate))"he fans aae just oong now."t-shirts and hats appear &pto be the most popular riole items up for grabs rrght now. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... an explosion at a japanese chemical plant. plant.the important chiidcare item that could be n short supply because oo the blast. blast. the d-ccsnipers chooe their
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first viccim 10 years ago today.the chillinn remarks convicted sniper lee boyd malvo is now saying from &pprison. check's in the much you couud get from an americaa

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